Teen Wading In Water Gets Attacked By Shark

Teen Wading In Water Gets Attacked By Shark

It was a nice day for the beach, checking out Nature and it's beautiful scenery.

Little did, Mikaela Medina, a teen from Galveston, Texas, realize when she headed to the beach with her mother, it would turn out to be a day she would never forget.

Mikaela and her family were at a beach home on Galveston's west beach.

After an relaxing afternoon of tanning, the teen wanted to cool off.

She ventured into waist-deep water and kneeled down, that's when what happened next is the stuff nightmares are made of, that chills your bones.

Mikaela says she heard the impending sounds right before the bite. "It was like a scene in the movies, when a shark opens its mouth," she recalled.

The frightening sound of it exhaling before it bites.

Oddly enough, she says it felt like something hit her shoulder, but there was no pain, and she says she never saw the shark.

Nevertheless, Mikaela'e better judgement made her head to shore as quickly as she could, and told her mother that she thought she had been bitten by a shark.

Soon as her mother moved her daughter's hair from her shoulders, she saw blood. T

The two quickly ran back to the beach house, where a physician friend was also spending the day.

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