The First Minute Will Break Your Heart-Then..

The First Minute Will Break Your Heart, but thankfully the ending will start to repair it.

When we see stories like this we get sick to our stomach, because it is appalling how people can be so evil towards human beings or animals.

Not a day can go by, without a person witnessing events that truly attack the very fibers of sanity.

Years ago there was an amazing police drama TV series that ended with the narration of, "There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.", and that is what this story is.

This shows the aftermath of the mistreatment of a poor dog, which is clearly shown by his reaction to strangers petting him, and showing him some loving attention.

The poor animal is so traumatized from the treatment received by his previous owners, that his screams will send chills up the spines of any dog lover, watching and listening to this video.

Maybe someone who sees this video, and realizes they are not treating their pet(s) the way they should, will be inspired to treat their pets right or at least release them to someone who will.

We will be the first to admit that we love dogs and think they make amazing, loving, and comforting companions, and belong with people who realize that fully.

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