Funniest Donald Trump Quote Ever

Funniest Donald Trump Quote Ever!!

Funniest Donald Trump Quote Ever

I Will.....

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, and as he continues down the path of campaigning for the next POTUS job, he does not hesitate in saying anything and everything.

Most politicians try to stay within the boundaries of what people have labelled PC, Political Correct, but not the Donald.

Trump tosses PC out the window faster than a soldier throws a live grenade.

One thing that happens when he speaks, is he does not hesitate on stating what he intends to do if elected.

Sometimes when a person does that, they must consider the possibility of, "The Law Of Unintentional Consequences" coming into fruition.

For example, He loves saying he would build a wall to keep people out of the U.S.

A saying that could birth proactive moves by those affected....

Walls are a lot like doors..better at keeping people in than out.