Everything About Hoverboards-Best To Buy-Top 10-Dangers-How To Ride-Reviews

Everything About Hoverboards-Best To Buy-Top 10-Dangers-How-To-Ride-Reviews

Everything Needed To Know About Hoverboards

Everything About Hoverboards-Best To Buy-Top 10-Dangers-How To Ride-Reviews

Hoverboard: The Rave of the Moment

First appeared on our screens in the 80s, hoverboard or self-balancing scooter as some people may call it will always be the dream of kids everywhere you go. Its magical ability to take you from point to another without any hindrance by the surface over which you travel speaks volume. An interest is sparked in everyone upon seeing Marty McFly hover over a pond with a child’s converted scooter, hence people started to give it a second thought. It just seems so right that in 2015 we have come a step closer because it is the year in the future Marty and Professor came visiting.

In 2015, hoverboard is all around us, but there needs to be a fair amount of some certain things that needs to be in place for it to “hover." Lexus made a hoverboard as part of an ad series which involves technology. There was a need for a metal truck to run above and a dose of liquid nitrogen at intervals. The other kind of hoverboard—which hovers in every sense of the word--- is much better with a need for a metal skatepark to run above. However, the direction of travel cannot be controlled, but it is a step in right direction.
Some of the popular brands and best Hoverboards, in the Market as we speak are Phunkeeduck, IO Hawk, and Ninebot. Though a hoverboard is a hot item in this holiday season, Amazon has made it a point of duty to withdraw the self-balancing scooter via its online store and requested that sellers should provide evidence that proves their product is in line with the safety standard.

Hoverboard Types

There is quite an array of hoverboards available in the market. Below are some of the best ones with slight descriptions.

EROVER Two Wheels
This is among the popular sellers of hoverboards. With a maximum load of 110 kilograms and its availability in a variety of colors---red, blue, black--- makes this scooter one of the best. You can customize the appearance if you want. The shades are over 20 in number and cruises to a maximum speed of 15-20 km/h. It voice assistance and LED light alert you about the battery.

MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter
This scooter is an anti-slip foot grip and comes handy if it is for a child. It has a top speed of 12km/h and is capable of carrying a load of up 100kg. It has a weight of 10kg and comes only in white colors. If you’re a lover of white, then this is a good choice, most especially when you put the discounted price into consideration.

Outtop Two Wheels Self Balancing Mini Smart Electric Scooter Unicycle
It is available in colors like red, black, gold, and white. The voice alert and LED light give you an indication of a low battery. It slowly reduces and eventually stops if the battery is not charged. It has a maximum speed of 15-20km with the ability to carry a weight of up to 11kg.
The following are the different names a hoverboard or self-balancing scooter is known as:

• Explodaboard
• Memeboard
• Fung fo leon or “wind-fire wheels
• Segboards
• Farfalleboard
• Heelyboards
• Deathboards

The Associated Hazards And Top Dangers Of Hoverboards

The product is powered by a lithium battery and that is where the danger is. When the batteries become charged, it gives room for a heat generation inside the cells which leads to electrolyte boiling, cell casing rupture, and a fire. Some hoverboards are made with cheap parts for lower-end products which automatically make it unsafe. If you must purchase any of these products, it is advisable you stick to a higher-end product from a reputable manufacturer.

Everything About Hoverboards-Best To Buy-Top 10-Dangers-How To Ride-Reviews

Dangers Of Fires are real due to cheap boards having –non-compliant electrical components that could explode and catch fire. Major online retailer Amazon has advised buyers of the dangers, the U.S.P.S. has grounded them and they have been banned by airlines.

How to Ride a Hoverboard

First and foremost, the board must be fully charged. The next thing is for you to turn it on and place it right in front of you—just in front of your toes.
Now, step on it with your right toe, if you overdo it, you will fall. Step on it like you would normally step on a staircase.
Your initial reaction would be to tense up, which will cause you to wobble back and forth.
The best you can do is to look forward –not downward—and be in a relaxed mood. Stand, don’t think of moving yet, loosen up and keep standing on the hoverboard.

Moving Around

You’ll have to go in a straight line.
Now for you to move, I usually describe it in this way: Think of where you intend to go and advance in that direction.
With hoverboards, you lean towards the direction you want to go. You may think you need to do more than to move. Be careful not to lean too much otherwise, you will fall.
So try moving forward first.


Attempt to do a slight turn. It actually comes naturally; it seems more like the scooter knows what you’re up to. But turning is achieved by “twisting forward" the foot that is directly opposite your turning direction. Take, for example, you want to turn left, all you have to do is push your right toe forward and that’s it.
For sharper turns, you can start twisting back the second foot, which is pushing down the heel. When you become an expert, you can spin in places like this.

Hoverboards are the rave of the moment and can be so enjoyable if you know how to ride them. However, the inherent hazards can be too much to handle if proper care is not taken.

We love the ones with the LED lights and the Bluetooth, which lights up in different colors as you listen to your favorite music.