Drunken Customer Attacks McDonald's Manager Choking Him At Drive-Thru

Drunken Customer Attacks McDonald's Manager Choking Him At Drive-Thru

Drunken Customer Attacks McDonald's Manager Choking Him At Drive-Thru

****McDonald's Worker Was Having It, "Fist Way" As He Was Trying To, "Drive Thru" A Drunken Customers Head.****

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The customer is Not always Right, but he may receive a Right..........and a Left.

ABC News Said An Minneapolis McDonald's Worker Wasn't, "Loving It"....

when a drunk and disorderly customer was causing a scene at the drive-thru.

The drunken customer was apparently causing a commotion at the drive-thru window, and the drive-thru employee had summoned the manager for help.

Once the manager intervened to assist and diffuse the situation, the drunken customer grabbed the manager's tie and began to choke him.

Drunken Customer Attacks McDonald's Manager Choking Him At Drive-Thru

In the attempt to release the choke-hold the manager tried to get the customer to release his tie by hitting him with his fist,

This went on for several minutes to no avail.

Eventually, the manager was able to break free and get back inside the window.

The police arrived and arrested the unruly and drunken customer.

Some Views On The Incident.......

Sean Walker As an assistant manager for McDonald's, I applaud this employees efforts wholeheartedly. From what I can see, he is a manager (hence the tie), and I assume he was called to the window to handle an irate customer who was probably already outside of his vehicle. Clearly the customer is NOT always right (as some may tend to think), and a drunk customer is the worst kind of customer because you never know what to expect. I see no other way of diffusing the situation at hand in the video other than to DEFEND ONES SELF! Alot of you who are commenting on this status have NO CLUE the torment and disrespect WE as service workers endure on a day to day basis. Especially from those of you who DON'T have jobs and rely on the 'system' to take care of you and your family because you think you're "TOO GOOD" to work in such an establishment, or because some of you feel it is menial work that should be left to a HS aged individual who needs a first job. I pray this young man didn't lose his job and proper charges were filed against the drunk assailant. This is not a race issue, but more of a respect issue if anything. I am proud of the job I do, proud of the employees I have and do work with, and happy to say I'M LOVIN IT! For the most part as a service worker, we are not rude and disrespectful, take pride in our jobs and do it not because we have to, but because we WANT TO! McDonald's or any other fast food establishment is not a last resort employer for alot of us. It's just what we choose and love to do. But as a customer with an issue, don't push us to our limits. We're just as human as the rest of you!

Yesenia Montoya He did what every retail,fast food worker only dreams of doing to rude customers .

Art Garcia That drunk should do time for attempted murder. You see how he was hanging from manager's tie? He could have choked him to death and no one helped. SMH

Curtis Soares That could have been horrific ending for the worker. He could not get free even landing some good punches. Idiot drunk could have came up with a knife or gun. No more ties for window service workers. Wow!!

Shanequa Morris If McDonald's fires this worker, I say we should all boycott the place. Their food quality isn't the same as it was years ago anyway. The worker was obviously trying to defend himself. When someone is pulling on a tie that is tied around your neck, it chokes you. He wouldn't have hit the man at all had the man not had him by the tie and pulling on it.

Yolanda Mariuxi Dunn What is disturbing about this, is the person behind the video who did not get out of their car to try to stop the assault. The man at the drive-thru attacking the worker was pulling on his tie. He could have choked him. Disturbing what this world has become, more taping of assault and less helping.