30 Seconds Or Less-Charge Your Cell Phone With New Technology

Charge your cell phone in 30 seconds or less.

30 Seconds Or Less-Charge Your Cell Phone With New Technology

That would be great, because the fear of running out of power looms over every cell phone users head.

With that type of charging time you can almost pick up a dropped conversation, before the other person can say, "Can you hear me?" three times.

One thing the regular consumer can't understand is why a longer battery life can not be attained as of yet.

It would seem as though it wouldn't be that difficult, but as of yet the seemingly easy has not been accomplished.

The next best thing is to at least have something that can quickly charge the battery back to full status, and by quick we mean in the realm of a minute or two.

One company has blown pass that benchmark and has demonstrated with their product, cell phone users will be able to recharge their phones in an amazing 30 seconds or less.

The company that created this revolutionary product is called, StoreDot, and the CEO Doron Myersdorf, states, "The technology includes a completely new type of battery containing specially synthesized organic molecules. We have reactions in the battery that are non-traditional reactions that allow us to charge very fast, moving ions from an anode to a cathode at a speed that was not possible before we had these materials".

See the demo below...