12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

Quit Doing These 12 Things And You Will Have A Happier Life.

The road to happiness is often blocked by obstacles we place in the way, and we can't fault anyone else but ourselves.

Sometimes, we do not realize that WE may be our worse enemy because many things happen in our subconscious and unconscious mind, or we do things out of habit.

It is time to bring to the surface a few things that we can grasp a hold to and control, to make our life happier.

12 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now....

1. Biting Off Way More Than You Can Chew.

We would all like to have superpowers and do everything exceedingly well. Be the best, the fastest, the smartest, the most appealing, etc.
That's not going to happen people. Don't put that type of pressure on yourself. Recognize your strengths, but also recognize your weaknesses.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

2. Yes I Will, Yes I Won't, Yes I Do Yes Yes Yes!

You have to realize that people will continue to lean on you to the point of passive abuse because you say yes to everything. You say yes when you whole-heartily want to say NO! Peer group pressure, family pressures, relationship pressure, job pressures, all add up to one gigantic pressurized container (you being the container). You're headed to a big blowup. You have to learn to release the pressure buildup by lifting the top off the container with a few no's now and then.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

We all have finite lives, so enjoy as much as you can of yours by doing things that make you happy. If people care for you they will understand.

3. Too Much Of Anything Is Not Good For You.

Know when to hold them and know when to fold them. Overindulgence is just bad for you, that's the bottom line. Too much religion, too much eating, too much exercise, too much kindness, too much of anything will backfire on you. That's just how the world is made.

Learn moderation, it will lead you to a more balanced, stable, happier life.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

4. Being Stuck In Your Past.

You can not carry around your past baggage. You need to set it down and walk away. Remember the lessons that the past has taught you and adjust it accordingly for your future. Don't forget the past (those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it), just don't fill your future up with the past.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

5. Getting Into Unnecessary Drama

You are a grown person and not a child, so leave the childish behaviors behind. Ignore the negatives and concentrate on the positives. Leave the drama for the TV shows and movies. Mind your business and stay out of others. People will drag you down to their lower level for various reasons, so rise above it.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

6. Spreading Or Getting Involved In Gossiping

People do it for all types of reasons, and most of the reasons fall on the negative side. Weak-minded and jealous people use it as a tool to tear down others. Involving yourself in negativity will place a dark cloud above your aura. Head to the sunshine, enjoy the rays and let others travel down their dark roads of misery.

12 Things That Keep You From Being Happy

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