This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Use Super Glue Instead Of Eye Drops

Woman Accidentally Uses Super Glue Instead Of Eye Drops.

This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Use Super Glue Instead Of Eye Drops

Needless To Say She Really Needed To SEE A Doctor After That.

Katherine Gaydos, A Florida Woman, Didn't See This Coming.

When some foreign object got blown into her eye by her neighbor using a leaf blower, Gaydos began to freak out and frantically told her neighbor to go in her purse and grab her Visine eye drops.

He did just that, but unfortunately grabbed the wrong bottle. It turned out not to be eye drops, but the glue you use to stick your fake nails on.

Gaydos’ eye was now glued shut.

They called 911 and headed to a nearby doctor.

Unfortunately she has no insurance, so inhumanely, the doctor’s office looked at the woman with glue in her eyeball and turned her away.

Due to the fact she couldn’t pay the bill, the unemployed mother of two had to walk around for nine days with her eye glued shut.

She ended up getting interviewed on the local news, with her eye still glued shut.

The doctor apparently heard about her situation and called her back after nine days. The Doctor examined her eye, used a little Lidocaine (a topical anesthetic), and gently pulled her eyelids apart. The Doctor was then able to scrape the remaining glue off of her eyeball, her prognosis was she would be fine, and would not suffer any permanent damage to her vision.

When it comes to your eyes, make sure you take a double-take, before putting anything in them.