The Real Story Behind The DC Subway Train Beatdown Viral Video

The Real Story Behind The DC Train Beatdown Viral Video.

The Real Story Behind The DC Subway Train Beatdown Viral Video

There's The Truth Then The TRUTH.

A video went viral claiming that a young teen gangbanger, disrespected an older 54 year old gentleman, on the green line subway of DC, many people watching the the video saw the older man talking to the younger guy and then pummeling him with blow after blow.

The consensus was that it was a good thing to straighten out the young flippant gangbanger, because too many people have come in contact with this type of unnecessary behavior. Everyone was on the older guys side for giving the young punk his just dessert.

The video left no other doubts to what was happening so the only conclusions drawn seemed to be in the right.

The problem was, the video started after certain other things transpired, and most initial facts were very much misconstued.

In reality there was an prior altercation between the 54 year old man and two teens, where he ended up pushing and slapping the teens, not clear if warranted or not,

The supposed young gangbanger, in fact, was a 46 year old man who stepped into the altercation between the 54 year old and the two teens, with the intention to diffuse the situation.

The 54 year old guy took offense to this, and began to attack the 46 year old for getting into his business.

The 46 old man received a serious beating for trying to interfere, and suffered a broken jaw among other health concerns.

It just proves that you can not take anything at the first look, and most times a thorough investigation is needed to reveal the truth.