Bear Walks Upright Everyday Just Like A Human-The Story Behind This

Bear Walks Upright Just Like A Human-The Story Behind This.

Bear Walks Upright Everyday Just Like A Human-The Story Behind This

This Is Real, this is not a man in a bear suit.

Although that is what most people would think, after initially seeing the bear, walking around his enclosure.

Something about this is amusing and creepy at the same time.

The story behind this has been said to be....

This bear was rescued from bear bile farm where he was kept in tiny cages and fed very little amount of food, only to keep him alive so they could extract his bile liquid. With this living condition it’s not surprising that he’s malnourished, which is shown by how short his legs are and the body size is disproportionately small for his head size. He is much smaller than an adult Asiatic black bear of his age should be.

Before his current place was turned into a rescue center, it functioned as a zoo where visitors could feed him and other bears by throwing food from outside the fence. With his smaller and malnourished body, it is easier for him to stand on his hind leg because his spine can support his light body weight. Standing up and waiting for food slowly became a habit which he does on a daily basis now.

Sadly, more than 10,000 bears are kept on bile farms in China and 2,000 in Vietnam, according to Animals Asia. They are milked regularly for their bile, which is used in traditional medicine.