Bill Cosby Guilty? The Illusion Of Innocence That Fame And Fortune Brings You

An enlightening letter from one of our fans.

Bill Cosby Guilty? The Illusion Of Innocence That Fame And Fortune Brings You

The Bill Cosby (and people like him) Illusion

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is mines.

People view Bill Cosby as the, “Jello Pudding Guy” the comic who the whole family is safe listening to, when it comes to his jokes and skits.

He has done numerous commendable humanitarian projects.

He has never been seen as aggressive, mean-spirited, foul-mouthed, or an abuser of any substances.

You have never seen him taking a mugshot , fighting police, or getting arrested.

With paparazzi constantly hunting you down, it’s safe to say Mr. Cosby has never been caught in any uncompromising situations.

In a world of fame and fortune that draws many in that world through similar pitfalls, Mr. Cosby has somehow avoided them, which is a miraculous feat in itself.

It’s easy to accept that if people accuse him of something untoward, those people have some type of ulterior motives that have yet come to light.

It’s natural human nature for us to stick with a winner, and you cannot help but accept Mr. Cosby has been a winner, in his lifetime and has been one for decades.

We somehow rally behind the rich and famous as if they are role models to follow simply because they are talented and have succeeded in some talented field.

Is Mr. Cosby Guilty?

My opinion draws upon my own experience.

As a young kid I attended a Catholic school and I was an, “A” student for all my years.

I was well liked by all the Nuns, Priest, and students. I was put in charge of all programs that the school put in place, corrected papers, aided the teachers.

I was a little bad and I did things just to see if I could get away with them. Sometimes I would get caught red-handed but had a knack of explaining my way out of whatever it was. No one wanted to believe or would even allow themselves to suspect me of any wrong doings. They would happily put blinders on and would even grab some innocent person and label them as the wrong doer. I learned at a very young age that the way you carry yourself and are regarded, whether it is an illusion or not, is what will have people stand in your corner or hand you over.

This continued on through the rest of my schooling and future occupation and carved this observation in stone.

Through my life experience I know without a doubt if you project a certain image and people love you, look up to you, respect you, and buy into the image you project, they will stand steadfast in your corner when that image gets attacked. I have to add nothing I did was too wicked or caused anyone or anything harm.

If doesn’t matter if it’s one, two, three or more accusers against you, these steadfast people will look at the accusers and try to destroy their veracity.

Let’s talk about Mr. Cosby’s accusers, we know that women who undergo situations that these women speak about will more times than not…keep it to themselves forever or will reveal things years later. For any number of different reasons, they do this and we know it.

The steadfast people will quickly shout, “Why say anything now” as though silence proves they are lying.
Most of the accusers already have some type of positive degree of fame and fortune and trying to jump on a bandwagon, that to some could taint or tarnish their image, would not be a move someone would make to propel their career.

Perhaps they feel it’s time to let go of their haunting secrets and there’s a certain bonding and safety in numbers.

Is Mr. Bill Guilty?? The Proof May Be In The Pudding And Perhaps Mr. Cosby May Have To Test Out His Own Quote, “People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself.”

His accusers are increasing but here’s a List of a few Cosby Accusers….

Lachele Covington-actress

Andrea Constand-director of operations for Temple University's women's basketball team

Tamara Green-retired trial attorney

Beth Ferrier-former model

Carla Ferrigno-actress wife of Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk)

Louisa Moritz-lawyer and former actress

Renita Chaney Hill-former actress

Angela Leslie-former model actress

Barbara Bowman-artist

Joan Tarshis-music industry publicist and journalis

Linda Joy Traitz-worked in food industry

Janice Dickerson-model and tv personality

Therese Serignese-nurse