How To Peel Potatoes Super Fast And Easy

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Tired of peeling those potatoes, then this is what you need to do.

It is amazingly easy and quick!

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How To Peel Potatoes Super Fast And Easy
Here are the items you will need:

A drill
A loo brush
A bucket of water
Somewhere outside with access to water

Thats it! Place the potatoes that you wish to peel in a bucket. Fill with some water half way or so. Fix the loo brush in the end of the drill bit (see video). Simply turn on the drill with the loo brush fitted into the bucket whilst on. REMEMBER - WARNING: Do not put the drill itself into and water or emerse the bit into the water as this could lead to a electric shock. Its always advisable to fit an automatic trip and isolator to the socket where the extension lead or drill are plugged into.

After spinning for around 50 seconds, your potatoes are ready.