Why You Do Not Swim In Murky Florida Waters

This is why you do not swim in murky Florida waters, you never know if something is hiding below.

Why You Do Not Swim In Murky Florida Waters
"It was really scary. Before we went out, I said I don’t like going into the water... when I can’t see what’s down there," Vaughn said at the Broward Health Medical Center. She added, "I've always had feelings of something down under there because of the dark murky waters."

Vaughn said, "I feel very lucky. I wouldn't go back in that kind of water anymore."

A 22 year old Florida girl learned this the hard way.

When her friends wanted to get in the water, she hesitated because her sixth sense was registering possible danger.

She overrode this feeling and got into the water anyway and then suffered a brutal attack by a shark lurking in the waters.

Jessica Vaughn, 22, of Coral Springs, Fla.,who was attacked Sunday afternoon, was well enough today to smile through a news conference and even joke about it.

She probably won't get back into the ocean soon, however.