Dad Brutally Beats 11 Year Old Bully On School Bus

If you can't take it don't dish it out.

Dad Brutally Beats 11 Year Old Bully On School Bus
A furious father escorted his 9-year-old autistic son onto a school bus late last week and proceeded to beat up an 11-year-old kid who had allegedly been bullying the boy. The incident occurred on Friday morning in the Bay Area suburb of Richmond, California. Police say the assailant, Burnis Hurd got on the bus with his son. Then, his son identified the boy who had been bullying him. "The father grabbed the 11-year old by the hair, pulled hard and raised the child out of his seat, then shoved him on the side of the bus where the window meets the wall," Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan told CBS San Francisco. Police say Hurd, 44, also warned that he would kill the 11-year-old boy and also threatened some other kids on the bus for good measure.
That statement must have been the credo of this mad dad who came to his sons defense by bullying down the 11 year old kid who was making his sons life miserable.

There is no room for sympathy for bullies of any age getting what they deserve as they wreck havoc on other people.

In this case some may say that the dad pummeling a 11 year old might not have been the political way to solve the problem, although it may have leaned a little towards the moral parental way.

Either way, one thing is for certain, the 11 year old bully will have a memory to reference too when and if he ever indulges in that distastful behavior in the future.

Hurd ended up in jail. He has been charged with child abuse and bodily injury to a child. As on Monday, he remained in jail pending a $50,000 bond. The 11-year-old boy's aunt and guardian, Shanika Moses, said she wants the mad dad "prosecuted to the fullest,"