High Winds Slam Into Semi-But Watch What Happens Next

High Winds Slam Into Semi-But Watch What happens Next!!

A trucker driving down a Kansas highway gets caught up in some of Mother Nature's fury as super high winds slam into his semi.

People riding behind the trucker caught what happened on video.
High Winds Slam Into Semi-But Watch What Happens Next
An 18-wheeler nearly flipped over in 50-mile-per-hour winds on a Kansas highway
Driver behind the semi caught it all on video
Here's one trucker who knows a thing or two about lane discipline.
As the semi was being buffeted by high winds along a highway in Kansas, the trucker managed to remain upright - but only just!
The big rig leaned more than 45 degrees over to the right, on the road near Hays.
The man was driving for KCK-based Butler Transport.
'He did the only thing you could do, which was a perfect reaction to turn in the wind,' Steinberg said. 'There's no way to actually teach that.'
Semis can easily tip over in the wind, especially when they're empty.
Truck rollovers are the number one cause of fatalities for commercial drivers and it's usually caused after drivers are thrown out of the vehicles.

Incredible Video Footage Below....

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