Unheard Of Assault-Diver Attacked Underwater

This is literally unheard of but in this world anything can happen.

Unheard Of Assault-Diver Attacked Underwater

You know its always a possibility for someone to attack you but when you are diving underwater that is probably the farthest from your mind.


It happened to veteran diver, Rene Umberger, who was attacked by another diver while documenting damage to Hawaii's coral reef.

Coral reef consultant Rene Umberger and her camera crew were filming damaged coral reefs off the Kona coast of Hawaii when they crossed paths with a pair of scuba divers who were doing something they apparently didn't want on camera. One of the divers swam over to Umberger and yanked out her air supply.

Umberger was fifty feet below the surface as she struggled to reattach it.

She managed to reattach her breathing supply and swim to the surface.