Woman Hears Strange Noises In Bathroom-Finds Massive Snake

Excerpt from news report:

Woman Hears Strange Noises In Bathroom-Finds Massive Snake

A Texas woman was surprised to find a 12 foot long python in her bathroom. Police say the woman called 911 after discovering the reptile nine days ago.
(we wondered why she took so long to call-9 days???)


Talking about something that will make you run out of the house screaming!!

COLLEGE STATION (May 13, 2014) Veronica Rodriguez of College Station got a shock when she went to check on noises she heard coming from the bathroom of her home.

She discovered a 12-foot python that was in the process of crawling into the tub.

Woman Hears Strange Noises In Bathroom-Finds Massive Snake

She called 911 and College Station police and animal control officers removed the reptile, placing it in a trash can temporarily.

Authorities think the African python slipped into Rodriguez’s house through the back door, which she left open as she returned her three guinea pigs to outdoor pens after giving them a bath.

The guinea pigs weren’t harmed and the snake has been returned to its owner.

What happened to the snake you ask>>>

It was taken to the Aggieland Humane Society which says it then posted online about having custody of the snake. Kathy Bice, Aggieland Humane Society Executive Director, says the owner contacted them. He said he had moved from College Station about two months ago and that the snake had been missing since.

This particular snake was a African Rock Python (known to be extremely aggresive) and requires a permit to have,

The happy owner showed his permit and took the snake back home.

That Was Almost As Bad As What This Woman Found In Her Bathroom>>>

When You Gotta Go..You Gotta Go...Or Not!!


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