How To Dunk A Basketball-If You REALLY Want To

Most guys have always wanted to dunk a basketball and almost every guy has at least thought about it.

There's something about being able to soar up in the air and slam a basketball through the hoop that can't be matched by any other sport.

How To Dunk A Basketball-If You REALLY Want To

Most guys love to play basketball, shooting the three-pointers, hitting back to back free-throws, dribbling down the court at breakneck speed and hitting that lay-up, hitting all net on that quick jumper, and all the other exhilarating plays you can do playing basketball.

One thing we must admit is while most players can do these things, some have found it impossible for them to achieve that one elusive skill, and that is dunking.

They may have blamed it on the lack of height (probably the number 1 reason), genetics, poor leg muscle, etc.

This is the story of one man who laid to rest all excuses, because he desired and committed himself to achieving something he desired so much, that he was going to do what it took to acheive his goal.

Through hard work and dedication, he did just that,

Watch how this size 5'5 man achieved his goal of being able to dunk a basketball.

An Amazing story and an inspirational one, with a powerful message.

It's not just about dunking a basketball (although most of who never have done it would love to do so) but it's bigger than that.

If you want something bad enough, and you work at it hard enough and truly dedicate yourself to your goal, You Will Achieve It!!!

Now Go Dunk That Goal!!! And Achieve Your Goals Like Brandon Short.