New Car Luxuries-Self Parking-Car Parks Itself

Awesome And Amazing New Luxury Car Accessories.

New Car Luxuries-Self Parking-Car Parks Itself

A self-parking car.

Say goodbye to those valet attendants who jump in your luxury vehicle and hotrod down the parking garage.

Running a little late and can't find a spot too quickly in the parking worries.

Don't feel like standing in line waiting for the valet attendant to get to your ticket..forget about it.

Just want to feel like you just jumped into the will.

Audi has come up with a car that you can hop out of and let it go park itself, and when you are finished with whatever you are doing, with a press of a button it will come pick you back up.

Most of all..this is just downright COOL!

Cool Points..Imagine how many you will gain when you impress that new date or old friends, when you get out your car and tell it to go park itself.

Maybe this will become a standard feature for those of us who can't afford those Luxury Car Prices.

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