Help Us Please-9-Month-Old-Baby-Charged-Attempted Murder

Help Us Please-9-Month-Old-Baby-Arrested-Charged-With-Attempted Murder!


You have to admit if you don't live under a rock and you take a skim or cursory glance at some of the news articles, that pop up day to day, you have seen some crazy things.

In this world there is no shortage of crazy people, people doing crazy things, crazy things happening to people, and the list goes on and on.

We generally become almost numb at the craziness we read and hear about.

It's how the body protects us from craziness overload.

The amount of insanity is just way too much for a sane mind to endure.

Once in awhile a crazy story breaks through that defense mechanism of the body and attacks all of our senses with the force of a tsunami.

The insanity washes over us as if our mind was a, "Noah's Ark" inundated with end-of-the-world type water.

WARNING..This Is One Of Those Type Of Stories.

The whole crazy situationl started February 1, when several police officers and a bailiff went to a home hoping to get payment for a gas bill, said Atif Zulfikar Butt, a senior police official in Lahore.

A scuffle ensued, during which the infant's father, one of his teenage sons and others in the residence severely injured some of the officials by tossing bricks their way, according to Butt.

Get Ready To Be Drenched In Insanity.

Help Us Please-9-Month-Old-Baby-Charged-Attempted Murder
The 9-month-old baby boy bawled as he was fingerprinted and booked in Lahore on an attempted murder charge after his family members allegedly threw bricks at police trying to collect an unpaid bill.

Help Us Please-9-Month-Old-Baby-Charged-Attempted Murder
LAHORE, Pakistan -- A 9-month-old boy was arrested for attempted murder, according to authorities in Pakistan. The baby's grandfather took him to court where a judge granted him bail and told police to "record his statement." The child was arrested with his father and more than two dozen others for reportedly attacking police officers during a protest over a lack of electricity in their neighborhood.

Somebody Help Us!!!

Help Us Please-9-Month-Old-Baby-Charged-Attempted Murder


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