Epic April Fools Joke Pulled On A Teacher

There are many ways to pull a April Fools Joke But There Is Only A Few Ways To Pull An Epic One.

This is one of those.

Epic April Fools Joke Pulled On A Teacher
A group of students at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Mich., pulled an April Fool's Day prank on their professor that he's sure to never forget.

The macroeconomics professor, Stephan Barrows, has a rule that if a cell phone rings in class, the student must answer it on speakerphone.

A group of students wanted to pull an April Fools Joke on their teacher and planned to have a awkward phone call to their cell phone.

The thing was that the teacher has a rule that if your cellphone rings in class, you have to answer it on speakerphone.

Little did the teacher suspect what that conversation would be.

The great thing is this teacher seems to have a fantastic rapport with his students and an even greater sense of humor.