A Homeless Man And An Act Of Kindness-Get Ready For The Tears

Please Read First.

I do not jump for joy (I may take a small leap when things are going good), because I know that in a split second my life could change drastically downwards.

I do not languish when things are not as good as I would like them to be, because I know that in a split second my life could change drastically upwards.

Many people go through unfathomable struggles in this world, dealing with the lost of loved ones, becoming a victim of a crime, suffering losses due to the wrath of Mother Nature, Suffering from diseases, and the list of things that we struggle through daily is unending.

We turn on the news and we witness things that shock us and shine a massive light on the brutality that exists in this world.

Some people turn a blind eye to it and some people face it, accept it and find a way to move pass it.

The news headlines are 90% filled with the bad in the world, to constantly remind us, what reality is and that life is a hard teacher, filled with lessons you must learn in order to survive.

Once in awhile a story or video surfaces to refill our tank of hope and happiness and ooh and ahhs, and eases the weight of our burdens.

This is one such video story.

The guy in the video decides to do a kind act for a homeless stranger.

It doesn't matter how he became homeless, because there are people due to all kinds of unfortunate circumstance joining the homeless population every single day.

It could happen to you or me in the near future, you never know.

What's important is, someone noticed his plight and wanted to do something GOOD and Altruistic.

The beauty of the video as I see it, is when this homeless gentleman, after receiving his good fortune, humbly and sincerely wanted to share it, with the man he embraced as friend.

Now watch the video :)

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