Chris Brown Out Of Jail..

Chris Brown Out Of Jail...
Chris Brown Out Of Jail..

How..With A Get Out Of Jail Free Check

As soon as his lawyer seals the deal on paying off the victim of the assault charge Breezy picked up in Washington.

If the assault arrest was a violation of his parole terms following his 2009 conviction of assaulting then girlfriend Rihanna, he could face a four-year prison term at his probation hearing on April 23rd.
Chris Brown Out Of Jail..

His probation over the Rhianna assault had been due to end this year, but was revoked following his arrest on an assault charge in Washington DC.

But according to TMZ, his lawyer Mark Geragos has contacted the lawyer of the man who claims Brown assaulted him and offered him a huge amount of money to settle.

A source close to the case told the site Geragos is gunning for a civil settlement, which could mean the assault victim would drop the criminal case.

TMZ said it was told Geragos has already sealed the deal which could mean the victim walks away with a big fat check, prosecutors in D.C. drop the criminal assault charge and the Rihanna judge lets Brown out of prison in the next few days or next week.

Although he could still be facing a probation violation for getting kicked out of rehab, the dismissal of this assault case could be a huge victory.