Wearable sensor technology to measure physical activity

Wearable sensor technology to measure physical activity

These sensors will monitor your physical activity. Using this mentod developed by engineering professor Subir Biswas, user will wear 3 small, wireless sensors — on their wrist, upper arm and lower leg — that during any physical activity will measure not only the frequency, intensity and time but also now the type of activity, providing valuable information. The data then will be wirelessly transmitted to medical service providers' servers for remote assessment and well-being management.

Biswas said
With this technology, we can now measure acceleration, tilt, posture, the proximity of limbs to each other, all in collaboration with each other,

Karin Pfeiffer of MSU's Department of Kinesiology.
This adds another dimension in how we measure physical activity, If we cannot accurately measure physical activity, we cannot know what is effective and what is not in battling obesity and other health risk factors.

The project is being funded by a two-year, $411,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health.