What Women Go Through At The Nail Salon

Women go through a massive amount of things in order to keep their appearance up.
What Women Go Through At The Nail Salon

Men have it 100 times easier than women as their routine of maintenance is far less than a woman's routine.

Women have to go through all sorts of things when it time to:

Get their hair done.
Get their nails done.
Match her shoes with her outfits, (and the shoes invovle colors, heights,style, and other complexities).
Take care of her complexion (and that in itself involves a host of things) involving, make-up, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow etc.
When it comes to her upkeep and social acceptance to friends and associates, and the future prospects of relationships, women go through their own personal storms, which they willingly and happily accept in their quest to look their best.

This is an hysterical look into one aspect of what a woman endures when it's time to get her nails manicured.

What Women Go Through At The Nail Salon

Original routine the above animation was inspired from.

Nails Done Hair Done Everything Done winked