O.J. Simpson Suicide.. Because Of No Reason To Live

Suicide has long been an unfortunate choice for people who feel they have no will to endure life anymore.

It's the last resort and often a note is left to explain their reasoning at the time.

Sadly suicides leave a mark on friends and family members, who are left with the burden of what they could have done if only they had recognized and acted on the signs.

Lately is has been reported that Orenthal J.Simpson who has in his latter years fallen from the grace of people due to his notoriety, is attempting to end his life by starvation.

O.J. Simpson Suicide Would Be The Direct Result Of A Mindset That Says It Would All Be Because Of No Reason To Live.

O.J. Simpson Suicide.. Because Of No Reason To Live
O.J. Simpson allegedly feels like his life is over. And according to sources, he’s going to go on a hunger strike to make sure it’s really over in the literal sense.

The ENQUIRER reports that the former NFL star wants to end his life. At 66, he is tired of being in prison and has allegedly told his friends “they ain’t ever going to let me out of here.” In 2008, “The Juice” was sentenced to 33 years in prison for kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges.

According to the anonymous source, Simpson is “dropping weight fast” and it’s scaring the few friends he has left.

“He just won’t eat, and you can tell by his voice that he just wants to die,” the source told the ENQUIRER. “That’s exactly what is going to happen to him unless some good news drops out of the sky to cheer him up and give him a reason to live; however, that doesn’t seem likely.”

The source also told the magazine that he told a friend exactly how he was going to end his life while in prison. “I’m not going to eat, and I won’t let docs at the prison revive me in any way. I will fight it. I used to live my way, and now, I’m going to die my way!”

The former Bills running back has four children, one as young as 25. He allegedly has millions of dollars from his NFL pension that no one can touch since he’s in prison. The source claims O.J. receives $28,000 a month.

Simpson made headlines in the 1994 case where he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He was found not guilty.

One should never take their own life, there is always another way to make your life better.