16 Year Old Blind Girl's Awesome Singing Brings Tears To People's Eyes

Nothing Doesn't Stop This Little Girl From Singing So Awesome That It Brought Tears To People's Eyes,

Marlana Vanhoose, age 16, is no ordinary teen. The Paintsville High School student is blind and was born with Cytomegalovirus, a virus that can cause developmental disabilities.

She sang the National Anthem at a University of Kentucky women's basketball game last February. The audience wasn't prepared for her extraordinary talent.

Her Rendition of the National Anthem Sent Chills Up And Down People's Spines And Tears Down Their Faces.

The soul jarring and powerful delivery was totally unexpected to the listening audience.

It was not just a song being delivered but, an auditory showing, of how someone can overcome anything that might try to stand in the way of their search for personal greatness.