Don't Do It-New Online Drinking Game Neknominate Claiming Lives

If you haven't heard about it, a new online drinking game where people are dared to drink and do something crazy, is resulting in deaths.

People have always played dare type games to show they will not back down from the craziest stunts.

When one dare game ends, usually another one comes into existence, and this time it is a online drinking game where someone drinks (generally) alcohol to the extent it would make someone violently ill.

The problem with this online drinking game is some people started adding all kinds of extra things to the dare. Once they do the dare they then nominate someone else to do it. Then that person (wanting to make it even crazier ) does some even more outlandish.

This continues into very stupid actions to outdo the previous ones, and that is exactly the problem with it.

Don't Do It-New Online Drinking Game Neknominate Claiming Lives
One man (David Ford) following his quest to, "outdo" others, poured a pint of gin, put a live goldfish into it, decapitated a bird and then ate its insides before downing his concoction.

Supposedly the craze started in England but has been sweeping across the continents.

The game was initially based on just drinking a few beers, but has escalated drastically.

One woman who got nominated decided to ride a horse through a store and then down her alcoholic beverage.

The dare game has recently spiraled out of control as people have begun to lose their lives participating in it.
Don't Do It-New Online Drinking Game Neknominate Claiming Lives
Two British men died this weekend after apparently taking part in the game – in which participants film themselves drinking dangerous and bizarre alcoholic cocktails and urge others to outdo them.

Two other young men died in Ireland last week. The first British victim was former grammar school boy Isaac Richardson, 20, who downed wine, whiskey, vodka and lager in a pitcher and lost consciousness two minutes later.

Word To The Wise-Find A Better-Safer-Game To Play.