DUI Checkpoint-Shows You Have Rights On Paper But Not In The Streets

Knowing Your Rights Will Not Stop Them From Being Violated.

21 year old college student finds out that even though he knows his Constitutional Rights, it won't stop the Police from exercising their authority in what ever shape, form or fashion, that they choose to wield their authority.

Americans run around speaking and believing so many things, such as Freedom of Speech, Innocence until Proven Guilty, and the whole context of the Constitution and the Amendments, but hardly a day passes when incidents toss those things right out the window.

You have Rights when it's handy, when it doesn't oppose the will of a higher authority, when someone feels it's okay to grant you them.

Freedom of Speech?, yada yada yada...You Have the Right To Remain Silent, Anything You Say, Can And Will Be Used Against You!

Know this... when you try to exercise your Fantasy Rights, You will experience some Reality Rights.

Let's Take A Look At Some Fantasy Rights being Over-ruled By Some Reality Rights.....

The sad thing is this young kid was needlessly harassed and intimidated, while the Officers only suffered initial Ego Bruising.