Facebooks New Feature-Look Back-Makes A Video Of All Your Big Moments

A Facebook 10 Year Anniversary Present For All Users
Facebooks New Feature-Look Back-Makes A Video Of All Your Big Moments
Facebook Statement:As a part of Facebook's 10th birthday, we're excited to announce "A Look Back". Starting on February 4, you can see some of your biggest moments on Facebook.

Remember when you first joined Facebook?
Do you remember the first things you did?
Do you remember your first posts and pictures you uploaded?
Your First Friends?
Want to see how you, as well as Facebook, have evolved over the years?

Facebook is celebrating a 10 Year Anniversary by making you a star in your own Facebook video.

You don't have to do anything, it's automated, and it puts together a personal video/audio of some of your memorable moments, accentuating your early stuff , and highlighting posts ,comments, and photos that received the most likes and comments.

You get to see some of your stellar moments since you joined.

Changes In relationships, new members of the family, moving events, new pets, and many more highlights of your Facebook interactions.

It's a video tour down memory lane accompanied with music, which is much better than manually backing up through dates to see your (old) earlier posts.

Here's a promo video to show you how it works:

Parting Thoughts...

You may have a host of Friends Now Since you started on Facebook, but remember.......

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"Facebook Look Back"