When Fishing Turns Shockingly Dangerous

Fishing Can be A Dangerous Sport.

When Fishing Turns Shockingly Dangerous
Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica promotes sustainable, catch and release fishing for Pacific sailfish and marlin. Please exercise caution when fishing for billfish (sailfish & marlin) their bills are sharp and can be very dangerous. We do not promote jumping in the water with sailfish or taking sailfish or marlin OUT of the water and on to the boat. If you are going to photograph the fish, do so with the fish "in the water'. The above footage shows a "rare incident" where the sailfish actually flips over the stern and into the boat. This fish was safely released. We hope to see you in Costa Rica!

People don't usually consider fishing to be dangerous. They look at as a relaxing sport with the extra benefit of catching some relatively cheap meals. After all the health benefits of eating fish are mostly on the positive side, and that makes it even more desirable to do.

Another benefit is being able to catch a massive fish to show off, in addition to winning large sums of money.

This is just referring to the average fisherman, and not the ones who risk their lives catching lobsters and other deep sea exotics.

Regular fishing is generally safe, but as these fisherman in the following video find out, it can be extremely and unexpectedly dangerous.