FaceBook|New World Problems-A Look At How We Use It

Facebook and the New World Problems We Create And Experience.

FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Facebook And The Problems With Logins,Uploading Pics,Friend Requests, Relationships,Poking,Status Updates Agggrrrrrh

Tips You Never Knew On How To Use Facebook Better
FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Everybody is into Facebook Nowadays and sometimes it gets totally ridiculous. Here are a few helpful FAQs and Observations on How To Use Facebook.

Things That Are Crazy

Family Members Uploading Photo Syndrome

They are all in the same house, with their bedroom doors closed, and they are uploading family pictures, so their family members in the other rooms with the shut doors, can go on Facebook to view them.
(call from down the hall)
Have you got them uploaded yet?
(from you in the bedroom)
Yeah! Go to my page you can see them now

The only time the family album sitting on the Living Room table is opened, is to get pictures out to upload to FB, so everyone in the family can view them.

Befriending People Who Know You or DON'T Know You

What do you do when the weirdo at work sends you a Friend Request. You get your coffee,tea or milk, sit down to see what your friends are saying on FB and there is this silly picture staring at you from the weirdo at work, requesting to be your friend. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place, because this humanoid misfit has, as you think outloud, "Invaded myspace with that befriend me face".

Being a nice and sweet person, you really don't want to be put on the spot, by declining the misfit, because you have to see them at work. So what do you do? You end up ignoring the request but have to endure seeing that little picture of them on the side, asking you to befriend them, everytime you Login. OMG and WTF

The sad part of this is some people validate their existence by how many FACEBOOK FRIENDS they have, in their social struggle to be important, but how many of those people are really Your Friends.
FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Poke-Poking-Poke Back What The Hell Is It?

Ralphie Has Just Poked You

Uhhh I don't really like the sound of that-Being a grown man and all. Something just doesn't sit well with the connotations it conjures up in my mind. I really don't like the thought of Ralphie Poking me on National Internet, now Susie is a different story. I might just Poke her back a few times. heh heh

They say that the Poke can mean different things:
Weird but true - A Tennessee Woman was arrested for Poking someone On FB

I suggest they should create additional buttons, so that the sender and receiver , should know exactly what kind of Poking is going on. And you can always say you hit the wrong button and meant another kind a Poke, if they don't react to it like you wanted.
FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Pictures Of Kids And Pets Syndrome

People upload pictures of their, "New Baby" and put you on the spot by waiting for a comment. What you really want to say is for them to take out some extra health insurance, because you know by the shape of little Agatha's head, she probably going to be a slow slow learner headed for free rides on the short yellow bus. But instead you tag the photo with, "Cutest Little Angel" and curse your wussiness.
FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Oh and Pets, I really want to come home after a hard days work and look at pictures of your Mutt and/or Finicky Cat, Yes I do.

So Many Game Requests
Yes I Play Games On Facebook And Yes They Suck Up Hours Of My Time With Their Sneaky Psychological Subconsciously Addicting nature that leaves my fingertips bruised.
I don't need to add to that self-mutilation by adding more games, so stop trying to unload yours on me.
FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Facebook Profile Pictures

You got at least 3 kinds of people profile pictures:
1. People who think they look good (they have more profile pictures, than friend and family pics put together added to the pictures in Google images. They take pictures all damn day and night.
2. People who think they used to look good (they put up their pics and you say, "Who The Hell Is That" in that bikini and/or muscle shirt), or They have you thinking they just uploaded more pics of the, "New Baby or Cute kid", and its them. SMH
3. People who do Look Good (Yes! There Are A Few Of Us) very few.
4. People who pay Professional Photographers to take, "Model Shoots" for their profile pics. (Why?)
5. People who use other people pics for their picture. (I guess that's okay but then they use the other people biography and family photos too) it gets weird and misguided.

Facebook Chat

Ever get that Instant Message to chat from someone who has walked passed you all day and didn't speak. (What the Heck Is Up With That?)

FaceBook Parents

You already know your parents probably peruse your FB space, and you consciously block this out, but when they start leaving you Parental Concern messages, and start advising your friends and sending them, "Add Me As A Friend Messages" it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Hey Bobby your Mom Just Sent Me A Friends Request WTF
FaceBook|New World Problems-A  Look At How We Use It

Here's A Funny Viral Video For Some Views About How Facebook Can Affect Your Relationships Because Of What You Do On It.....

While You Watch It Try to Figure Out Who You Were In A Past Life or What Kind Of Greek God You Are or If You Were A Candy Bar What Kind Would You Be or.......................................

And Now You Know!

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