Caught On Video-Police Hacking Off Womans Hair

While Restrained In A Chair This Woman In Warren Michigan Undergoes A Impromptu Hair Styling, As An Officer For Some Bizarre Reason, Begins To Hack Away At Her Hair.

Caught On Video-Police Hacking Off Womans Hair
(WJBK) -A Warren police officer has been fired after restraining and cutting the hair of a woman in custody. The incident was caught on camera and authorities say her actions were uncalled for.
Charda Gregory of Detroit was taken into police custody back in November, accused of disorderly conduct, destroying property at a Warren hotel and assaulting a police officer. While she was processed she was placed in a restraining chair, was strapped in and a Warren police officer cut her hair with scissors.

We guess it was some type of twisted, "I'll Show You" what I can do to you mentality, But the Police Dept. showed that Officer what they could do by firing her.