Your Own Personal Submarine For Underwater Fun

How much fun would it be to fly underwater inside a submarine made for personal use.

Without a doubt it would lead to an incredibly amazing adventure that you never forget.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies had that idea and brought it to life with the incredible Deep Flight Personal Submarine.

Unfortunately the cost of it is 1.7 million dollars, and that is far out the reach of normal consumers, but the good news is they are working on designing models that will dramatically reduce that luxury price in the future.

Most consumers still remember the price of flat screen TVs, when they first hit the market, some 15 inch models started out around 12,000.00 dollars and you can get one now for about 125.00 dollars.

Who knows, some investors could buy up a few of these and rent them out for a decent price per hour, and we will be in line to buy a few tickets.

What about you??

Your Own Personal Submarine For Underwater Fun
DeepFlight™ submersibles represent a fundamentally new class of ultra-light undersea craft that operate on the same principles as aircraft. By always being buoyant, and powering down using thrust and lift, DeepFlight™ craft have the range and speed necessary to truly explore 3-dimensional space underwater. They also possess an inherent safety advantage – if you turn everything off, they will just float right back to the surface!

Let's hope they don't take too long before average thrill seekers can experience this Luxury Laden Awesome Adventure.