Breaking News Ongoing-Shooting At Purdue University-Student Killed

Published on Jan 21, 2014

When will this end.

Another school shooting at Purdue University

Breaking News Ongoing-Shooting At Purdue University-Student Killed

Authorities have one person in custody after reports of a shooting at Purdue University's West Lafayette campus.
A Twitter post from the university says the shooting happened Tuesday at the Electrical Engineering Building and told people to shelter in place. Police have cleared the building and continue to search the area. Police set up a mobile command across from where the reported shooting occurred.

The Journal and Courier reported that a male was removed from the building with his hands behind his back. Two students told the paper that they might have heard two shots. A university spokesman couldn't immediately be reached for details and whether anyone was wounded, but two students told the paper they saw someone who appeared to have blood on their hands.

One student locked inside a room on campus with 25 others told that they're all "pretty nervous."
Television footage from the scene shows a fire truck and several law enforcement vehicles around the building. The building is in the middle of campus and across from the administration building housing President Mitch Daniels' office.

Police responded to a shooting on the campus of Purdue University Tuesday afternoon.
Campus officials said the shooting occurred in the school's Electrical Engineering building on the northeast side of campus.
The university sent a text alert instructing people to shelter in place.
Few details were immediately released, including information about any potential victims or suspects.

The school's Twitter account, @LifeAtPurdue, tweeted that police had one person in custody and the Electrical Engineering building has been cleared as officials continue to search the area.

Police have responded to a shooting at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.
Police responded to the Electrical Engineering building on campus around noon, Eastern Time.

There are reports that a altercation out inside the building and shots were fired.

One person is in custody, police said.

The university has told all students and staff to shelter in place as police continue to search campus.

There are unconfirmed reports that there may be another suspect.

Two students told the Lafayette Journal & Courier they heard what sounded like two shots and saw someone who possibly had blood on his or her hands. Purdue University Shooting Shooting At Purdue University Campus Students Staff Seeking Shelter