Do You Know What This Button Does

Do You Know What This Button Is For, How To Use It, Where To Find It, When To Use It?

You Probably Do Not Right Now.

But You Soon Will.

After You Have Worked Very Hard (unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth), And Saved Up Some Nice Cash, And Decided To Go Shopping For A High End Car, You Will Run Into These Buttons.

Sleek, Cleverly Designed And Awesome. They Are, In Most Instances, Your Real Life James Bond Emulating Lifestyle Buttons.

Do You Know What This Button Does

Standard on the uplevel Ultimate trim (which starts at $68,920, including destination), the new multiview camera system "provides an aerial view of the vehicle with split-screen vehicle perspectives for optimized visibility and safety,2014 Hyundai Equus

Do You Know What This Button Does

One look and it's easy to tell what this button does, but its obviousness doesn't make it any less odd. Actually, it's not really a button; it's more of a touch-sensitive panel.2014 Cadillac CTS

Do You Know What This Button Does

The mysterious button activates Audi's highly addictive front massaging seats. 2014 Audi A8 L TDI

Do You Know What This Button Does

The Fusion's P steering wheel button activates the Active Park Assist automatic parking system. Active Park Assist parallel parks the Fusion using ultrasonic sensors that identify a suitable parking space and then steer the Fusion to the space without intervention from human hands.2013 Ford Fusion

Do You Know What This Button Does

AcuraLink's integrated emergency response system monitors airbag deployment, wheel speed, brake usage and velocity. The system automatically calls Acura's emergency response center when an accident is detected. The Assist button comes into play when the call center needs to be reached manually in the case of an emergency that wouldn't automatically trigger a response.2013 Acura RLX

Do You Know What This Button Does

Launch Mode brings the engine, suspension, transmission and driveline together for fast launches from a standstill by revving the engine at a standstill and launching the 5,000-pound SUV like a rocket, it will launch the car in 4.8 seconds from zero to 60 mph. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Do You Know What This Button Does

Spot refers to the overhead lighting. Spotlights shine a focused beam toward the driver and passengers. Rear passengers have their own spotlights and can change the brightness through a dial on each individual light. 2013 Lexus LS 600h L

Do You Know What This Button Does

House-style AC outlets are one of those handy "little things that count" new-car convenience features that literally have hundreds of uses. The outlet goes by different names and voltage ratings like 110-,115- and 120-volt AC outlets, though they all serve the same purpose and offer an alternative multi-use outlet compared to the common probe-style DC outlets that accept phone and portable GPS chargers.Most High End Cars

Do You Know What This Button Does

Hill descent control reins in the F-150 by maintaining a set low speed over rough and slippery declines. Hill descent control works like a cruise control for off-road situations, pairing with the antilock brakes to keep the truck's speed controlled without input from the driver.2013 Ford F-150

Do You Know What This Button Does

The button triggers Honda's LaneWatch system that captures a wider viewing angle than the regular side mirror through a camera in the passenger side mirror. The camera displays its image with three horizontal reference lines for distance in the main 8-inch screen on top the Accord’s center dashboard. 2013 Honda Accord

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Now when you are car shopping, after all of your hard working, and can afford one of these luxury vehicles, you can drive right off like a champion in full control.

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Do You Know What This Button Does

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