Social Service Takes Baby From Mother-Baby Was In Mother's Womb

We know Social Services, DCFS, Family Services and other agencies remove children from homes and parents, that they deem detrimental to a child's welfare, but we have never ever heard of them forcing a c-section on a mother to remove the child.

This is literally, "Removing A Child From Their Mother"

The baby wasn't even born yet, but that didn't stop Social Service acting on a Judge's Order to take the baby away from the mother.

This occurred in Essex, England after the mother, who was in Britain on a work trip, suffered a mental breakdown.

According to news sources ,the pregnant mother did not give her consent for the medical intervention. And, she was an Italian resident on a professional visit to England who suffered an episode of anxiety caused by a bipolar disorder left untreated only temporarily. She is now fighting in court to get her baby back 15 months later.



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Social Service Takes Baby From Mother-Baby Was In Mother's Womb

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