World's First Face Transplant

Humans suffer in so many ways.

But when there is a way to lessen that suffering, we must utilize it.

In the following Video we see people who have suffered in extreme ways, and extreme medical procedure with the goal of giving these people some semblance of their former life.

These people have suffered physical pain due to various unfortunate situations , but by the knowledge and skills of these doctors they have been lucky enough to have their pain (whether physical and/or mental) lessened.

It's always sad to see the suffering of our fellow man, but it eases our sadness when we see the light at the end of the tunnel, for those who find themselves in extremely trying situations.

An amazing and shocking look into the world of medicine, and the doctors who make a difference.

Doctors have been transplanting livers, kidneys, and hearts for over forty years - but faces have always been different. They are seen as a sacred and untouchable part of our identity. Unlike other organs, face transplants are not life saving operations. As a result, ethical committees have always blocked them from going ahead.

In November 2005, 37 year old, mother of two, Isabelle Dinoire became the first person in the world to receive a new face. The decision made by French surgeons to perform the operation went against the findings of almost every other ethical committee in the world and has since sparked a fierce debate over the ethics of the operation.

With the long term effects still unknown, do the risks outweigh the benefits? Are face transplants really in the best interest of the patient?


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World's First Face Transplant

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