50 Things You Didn't Know A Smart Phones Could Do

When certain technology comes out most people just go and buy it without fully understanding the capabilities. They just buy the products most of the times because:
50 Things You Didn't Know A Smart Phones Could Do

It's New.
Everybody Is Talking About It.
They Buy Into The Marketing Hype.
They Want To Keep Up With Everybody Else.
They Don't Want To Feel Left Out.
They Want To Impress People.
They Are Brainwashed By Celebrities.
And A Host Of Other Reasons.

Sometimes they never even realize the true potentials of some of the products they buy.

In case you are one of those people who ran out or even recently acquired an I-phone, this video will show you many of the capabilities of the smartphone and specifically the personal assistant capabilities of Siri.

Pretty Impressive..We may just go out and Buy An I-Phone Now


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50 Things You Didn't Know A Smart Phones Could Do

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