Would You Eat Silly Putty-Surprise You Already Do

Did You Eat Silly Putty Already Today??
Would You Eat Silly Putty-Surprise You Already Do

It's always amazing when we do research about food processing, food handling, food prices and everything else dealing with that necessary element to sustain our existence, and we find out things we would never have dreamed.
Would You Eat Silly Putty-Surprise You Already Do

It's pretty near impossible, with our fast paced world, to research everything that affects us, so we blindly accept what food companies put in front of us.

We stop for the pizzas, hamburgers, Italian beefs, tacos, Chinese food, etc.

We become almost known by name at the neighborhood Wendys, Mcdonalds, Burger Kings, Pizza Huts, KFC, Popeyes chicken, Sonics, Chick-fil-A, Arbys, Zaxbys, Subways, Neighborhood Bar-B=Que Houses (we tried to list someplace you were today or yesterday :) ).

We stuff ourselves and continue on with our busy schedules not even contemplating, what it was we actually consumed, and deliberately put our body system at risk.

For Example (you will learn more about this in the video below)
Would You Eat Silly Putty-Surprise You Already Do

We wonder about the mysterious aches and pain we experience as we grow older and push them aside as products of aging.

Not even seriously considering it was those natural and unnatural food products that have been processed in some truly scary ways and with some even scarier ingredients, used to preserve them, enrich their color, make them look visually appealing, and gigantically larger or mask the true smell if its obnoxious.

The bad thing about becoming more knowledgeable about some of the ways our food is handled is that when we try to make better choices, it comes at a price.

A BIG Price.

Just check your receipt, as you become a healthier food savvy person, and you are heading out of one of those Organic food stores.

That's enough to give you a heart attack, if the highly scarily processed food you have been consuming, didn't already.

WE guess it's sort of a Catch 22. (A requirement that cannot be met until a prerequisite requirement is met, however, the prerequisite cannot be obtained until the original requirement is met.)

While we are talking about all the evil doings that goes on with the food we purchase, we gotten off on a tangent, when our main purpose was to share the knowledge we recently acquired about one of our Favorite Side Dishes French Fries and one of our Favorite Thirst Quenchers Soda Fountain Drinks.

The Following Video Will Touch On This Subject More:


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Would You Eat Silly Putty-Surprise You Already Do