Invading my Privacy (Publicy) This Could Happen To You

This could happen to you at any moment.

Have you ever seen those people who have their name on a t-shirt, tattoo, tag or piece of jewelry and then are surprised when some stranger calls out their name,

Well, the initial shock doesn't last too long after the stranger laughs and tells them,"You have your name on your shirt" etc.

The same thing is happening at a greater scale, as more and more people, are becoming social media conscious and adept at using it....

We post our birthdays in those birthday apps for people to receive notice in their e-mails to send us Birthday Salutations.

We post what we ate, what we are going to eat, what someone else ate, where we ate it at, who we ate it with, dates, times, locations.

We post our pets, our pets names, what our pets,ate, what our pets eat, where they ate it get the picture.

We post when we hurt ourselves, when our kids hurt themselves and accompany the information with pictures, before the accident, after the accident, during the accident, the doctor who helped us, his photo, his families photo, his pets photo.

We post when we are going on vacation, where we are going, who we are going with, how long we are going, if we are ever coming back.

We post our school information, our old job info, our new job info, our dream job info.

We post who we like, who we hate, who we not quite sure about yet.

We post our religion, our friends religion, our parents religion, our pets religion.

We post our weddings, our divorces, our. "caught cheating spouses", "photo of who they cheated with and what we are going to do to both of those cheating no-good so and so's.

We post when we are having a good day, a bad day, a haven't decided what kind a day it's going to be yet day.

We post where we are now info, where we were info, where we are going to be info and what time we are going to be there info.

The list goes on and on as we post these things and download these apps with crazy permissions that say:

This App Will

Access your personal data

Read sensitive information

Read your messages

Access your email

Enable GPS tracking

Record audio

Take pictures and videos

Access your dreams, hopes and desires, deep dark secrets and everything else that makes you You.

Now Press
ACCEPT and we do.

Then As.. all this is circulating around we run into that shocking scenario where somebody, somewhere (probably at our Locator Finder spot, comes up to us and Says Hi (your name) and continues talking about (your private-public) life.

Here's an social experiment that displays some of this:

Invading my Privacy (Publicy) This Could Happen To You

Invading my Privacy (Publicy) This Could Happen To You

Invading my Privacy (Publicy) This Could Happen To You

Invading my Privacy (Publicy) This Could Happen To You


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Invading my Privacy (Publicy) This Could Happen To You