Woman Finds Black Widow Spiders In Her Grapes

There seems to be an increase in deadly spiders being found in grapes.
Several incidents have been occurring lately.
Either there is an increase or all of a sudden it is being reported more.
Woman Finds Black Widow Spiders In Her Grapes

Woman Finds Black Widow Spiders In Her Grapes

None-the-less it is happening more in supermarkets of several states. such as in Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin, countries of Germany, Belgium, the Uk and many more are seeing increases.

A spider expert stated that it is not surprising because black widow spiders are generally building their webs in grape vineyards.

Just a couple of days ago a Pennsylvania woman received an unwelcome surprise, when she was washing some red grapes and felt her fingers brush up against something slimy. Yvonne Whalen saw a long spider leg creep over the top of one of the pieces of fruit and immediately dropped her colander into the sink.

She waited for help and later discovered that it was a black widow.

Black widow spiders can be very dangerous and you could die from their venomous bite.

Black widows are not the only venomous spiders that are commonly found on fruits. Earlier this month, a family in the U.K. was forced to flee their home after venomous, "Brazilian Wandering Spiders" aka Banana Spider (the world's most venomous spider) were found on bananas bought at a local supermarket.
Woman Finds Black Widow Spiders In Her Grapes

Be wary and check closely when purchasing fruits, and especially grapes and bananas.


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Woman Finds Black Widow Spiders In Her Grapes