Be Aware-Vicious So Called Game Spreading Across States

If it isn't one dumb thing it's another. Some demented mind created a horrible and violent so-called game (Knock-Out), where the individuals pick out an unsuspecting victim, and proceed to try to knock them out.

The victim is totally unaware of what is going to happen.

The perpetrators either run up and attack from behind, punch the victim when they approach on the side, or engage in some other surprising means, such as stopping the individual and asking a question then attacking them.

Some people have said that this destructive behavior has been around for years, but has now begun to spread widely across the land.

Recently the incidents were gaining popularity in New Jersey by groups of teens, but has been spreading through different areas.

It is a sick and in some unfortunate instance a deadly so called game, which has resulted in the deaths of some victims.

These teens do not know if their potential victims may be suffering from some pre-existing medicak conditions, which when aggravated by a blow to the head could result in serious trauma, a debilitating injury or death.

A senseless loss of life for a victim, a senseless loss of liberty when caught and convicted for the perpetrator and pain for family members on all sides.

People who engage in such behavior regardless of age should be prosecuted to the Fullest extent under the laws.

These teens additionally videotape these acts and upload to media sites for misguided fame.

The good thing about them uploading thir heinous actions to these sites is that they create an digital footprint to aid in their capture, arrests and convictions.

Utilize caution, be aware of your surroundings, stay cognitively vigilant, and inform people you care about.

Hopefully this is something that will be short-lived.

Be Aware-Vicious So Called Game Spreading Across States