You Will Never Forget What Happens Here

Sometimes what is seen is never unseen. What happens here is one of those things. Some things spark emotions..Some things open the gates.

This does it all

At some point we are sure you will be inspired, uplifted and mixed emotions shall arise.

Shock, amazement, camaraderie and plain smiling, Is smiling an emotion? Not really, but it sure is a gigantic sign of one.

We say that at least once in your life you should do something with everybody watching... but do it Like No One Is Watching
(1 stipulation-in good taste)

Having A Bad Day? Come Back And Watch This Video..Have A Friend Having A Bad Day SHARE This With Them..Smiling And Laughter Are Always The Best Medicine.

To The Kid In The Video..We Say, "You Go Boy"

You Will Never Forget What Happens Here