6 Feet 5 And 312 Pound Football Player Bullied

6 Feet 5 And 312 Pound Football Player Bullied

Read It Again..6 Feet 5 And 312 Pound Football Player Bullied. It's a shame what this world has come to and the state it is in.
When a 6 foot 5 inch, 312 pound, Football Player

6 Feet 5 And 312 Pound Football Player Bullied

Jason Selk in an article written for Forbes stated:
From working with professional athletes, I can attest to the fact that football players are about as rugged as people get, both mentally and physically.

is not even safe from bullying, None of us are.

It's like a epidemic that is spreading all over the place, a pandemic you might say.

If you haven't heard the story we are referring to, here's a quick tid-bit...

Miami Dolphins RT Jonathan Martin has reportedly left the team and entered a treatment facility after an incident Monday in the team cafeteria in which players jokingly refused to sit with him.

After the players refused to let Martin sit with them, Fox Sports reported Martin slammed his food tray to the floor and left the cafeteria, and hasn't been seen at the facility since,

Martin's absence is a complication the Dolphins (3-4) didn't need as they try to end their four-game losing streak against the Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) on Thursday night at Sun Life Stadium.

One main team mate has been accused of instigating Bullying tactics against 6 Feet 5 312 Pound Martin.

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito was adamant on Twitter this weekend that he was a victim of false speculation that he bullied Jonathan Martin, and wanted his name cleared.
6 Feet 5 And 312 Pound Football Player Bullied

He has asserted his innocence but.....

The Dolphins have suspended Incognito while the NFL investigates the situation, NFL.com's Jeff Darlington reported after speaking to Incognito. The team announced the suspension shortly after that.

Martin is the third Dolphins player who has battled emotional or psychological issues this decade. Tailback Ricky Williams admitted to battling social anxiety disorder, avoidance disorder, and borderline personality disorder, which he struggled to cope with during his football career, which featured a number of suspensions for drug use.

In 2011 Brandon Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and spent months as a patient in a Boston treatment facility. He was traded to the Bears the next offseason.