They Stole Her Bike She Left A Note Then...

They Stole Her Bike She Left This Note Venting Her Outrage
They Stole Her Bike She Left A Note Then...

Photo Credit: Dave Wischnowsky

Olgi Freyre’s,an artist and student in Chicago's Windy City, bicycle was parked and chained outside of a big window, while she was at work, so she could keep an eye on it. It was her only means of transportation and she had saved every penny from working to buy it.

It wasn't a cheap bike either, costing her 700$ and it was not only her means of getting back and forth to work, but it was a symbol of accomplishment for her, because she had gotten it all on her own.

You know that feeling when you get something you want without anyone's help.

That feeling was crushed when she looked out the window and saw someone had stolen it,

The only way she could soften the ache she felt was to write a note and put it up where the bike was stolen.

Little did she know that note would bring her the attention of 59 year old Robert Curry, a random stranger and a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley. , who reached out to her.
His motivation, remembering how it felt to have his own bike stolen.

Curry was able to track Olgi down, he called her and asked if she could meet him at Kozy's Cyclery, a local bike shop, and to bring along a friend.

On Wednesday, she and a girlfriend met with Curry and his daughter Jessica, and he told her to select ANY bike she wanted. Olgi picked a black-and-white hybrid bicycle, and Curry paid for it. When they were finished with the bike transaction he treated the three young ladies to lunch.
They Stole Her Bike She Left A Note Then...

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Olgi Freyre)

After his fantastic gesture Curry made one demand:

“I told Olgi that she could have the bike on the condition that before her 59th birthday, she must buy a bike for someone in her shoes,” he says. “She has 40 years to fulfill that promise.”

Olga stated:
“I didn’t write the letter to get sympathy or anything, or for even someone to see the note and feel bad. That’s not why I wrote it. I just wrote it because I was really upset,” she said. “I felt like it was the only thing that I could really do, you know, just to get my anger out.”