Breaking News-TSA Agent Killed In Shooting At LA Airport

Shooter Goes Ballistic At Los Angeles Airport Kills TSA Agent Injures Other

Arrival and departure roads to the airport have been closed, according to CBS LA.
Breaking News-TSA Agent Killed In Shooting At LA Airport

All flight operations have been "temporarily held."

At approx. 9:45.
A gunman walked into Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning and opened fire at a security checkpoint, killing a Transportation Security Administration officer and wounding at least three other people, law enforcement sources tell CBS News.
Breaking News-TSA Agent Killed In Shooting At LA Airport

Passenger Robert Perez told CBS Los Angeles that TSA agents came through the terminal and yelled that a man had a gun.

"I heard popping and everybody dropped to the ground," Perez said.

As the shooting went on people dropped to the ground and started crawling around the terminal.

One man stated he heard several rounds of fire on separate occasions.

Several people were seen being treated by emergency responders outside the terminal, but it's unclear if they are gunshot victims.

UPDATED, 2:30 pm EST: A number of news sources are reporting that the gunman used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

UPDATED, 2:10 pm EST: According to sources speaking to CBS News, the gunman is believed to be an off-duty TSA agent.

UPDATED, 2:05 pm EST: There will be a press conference from the scene at 11:30am PST (2:30 EST).

UPDATED, 1:50 pm EST: One TSA agent has reportedly been killed in the incident — it is not clear whether shot by the gunman or in crossfire. Another agent and one other individual reportedly injured by gunfire. “A federal law enforcement official said that a TSA officer was shot and killed at a passenger screening checkpoint,” the Los Angeles Times noted.