Mans Cellphone Stops Bullet Saves His Life

Gas Station Attendant In Florida Loves His Cellphone (HTC Smartphone)..Why? Because It Took A Bullet For Him.
While working at the gas station a man entered and asked for help.
When the attendant tried to assisst the man, the would-be robber revealed his true intentions.
He pulled out a gun and demanded the attendant to open the safe
Mans Cellphone Stops Bullet Saves His Life

Mans Cellphone Stops Bullet Saves His Life

Mans Cellphone Stops Bullet Saves His Life

When the clerk failed at opening the safe, the would be robber ordered a second attendant to do it. He was also unable to open the safe.

In frustration or just being plain evil the would be robber fired a round at the attendants and ran out the door..

Police stated the attendant was totally unaware that he had been struck by the fired shot and that the bullet had hit his cellphone.

He did not realize it until he pulled it out of his shirt pocket.

We have seen this type of things in movies but this is a first in real life.

Talk about luck, karma, intervention, higher powers, God, or well made cell-phones, it all adds up to a good day for this man.

This occurred in Winter Garden, Fla, suburb of Orlando, Monday at approx. 4:45 a.m. at the Hess Express,

The attendant only suffered minor injuries. His name had not been released.