Mountain Dew Goat Commercials Cause Stir (Banned)

Some People Are Mad About These Mountain Dew Commercials. Do They Offend You?

In a world where so many ugly things happen, it seems that people with the easy access, to the internet are bombarded with real life situations that disturb them.

Sometimes even non-real life scenarios cause the same outrage.

Currently there is a major outrage arising over the hill and beyond the valley due to the new Mountain Dew Commercials.

What Are Your Feelings?

Are we desensitized by the daily horrors of real life or do we have anything else left to expend on the characterizations displayed in stereotyped commercial advertising.

Mountain Dew Goat Commercials Cause Stir (Banned)

Mountain Dew Goat Commercials Cause Stir (Banned)


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