People you never want to get in a fight with. 20 year old, Talicia Kiavonna Morrison,


got in a fight with a 22 year old Texas woman,Cherry Webster, last Saturday, and ripped her eye out.

An altercation between the two women turned ugly when, Talicia Kiavonna Morrison, decided to take the fight to a whole new level. Apparently the two women did not see eye to eye on something.

Witness stated, Morrison allegedly screamed at her victim, All will be OK, I'll keep an eye out for you!, as she fled the scene.

When Texas Police questioned Morrison about the attack, she stated she just dug her fingers into the victims eye and pulled hard.

The 22 year old victim was rushed to the hospital where Doctors tried to repair the damage. They reinserted the eye

Morrison is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is awaiting trial.


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